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This is the future of grass-roots, impartial & unbiased conflict journalism online.

The year is 2020. The internet has become a wasteland of disinformation, fake news and polarising articles. The internet algorhythms push controversial and polarising content to the top of user feeds as the increased level of online trash-talking and clashing in the comments signals that the content is getting traction. This leads to a massive whirlpool effect of more and more users being dragged into an endlessly growing discourse and giving magnifying the rift between opposing sides of the debate as only the most polarising or controversial articles make it to the top.

Popular Front is a grassroots independent media outlet covering conficts around the world.

Furthermore the mainstream media have been sucked into a never ending quest for clicks as the desperately try to monetise their online platforms in an age where users expect content for free. The subconscious drive to get more clicks or keep users engaged on an article spurs journalists (knowingly or subconsciously) to write clickbaity or heavily polarising articles which will attract more shares, angry criticism and shitposting in the comments sections.

The last hope for unbiased and independent journalism lies in grassroot efforts by a few passionate and driven individuals. Unlike mainstream media they are not solely dependent on ads for their support. Rather, as many other new school content creators they have turned to the Patreon platform and offer exclusive content to their most loyal followers.


Popular Front

One of our favourite independent media outlets online is Popular Front. Its founder Jake Hanrahan was one of the early reporters for Vice when the network grew to be known for its hardcore, frontline journalism.

Jake has a clear and healthy anti-authoritarian perspective and reports on oppression without agenda wherever it may occur.

They recently posted a short YouTube video with on the ground coverage of the protests in Belarus and their instagram is a non-stop feed of people’s struggles for democracy and armed conflicts around the globe. With no agenda. There is a growing need for these independent media channels and Popular Front is becoming increasingly popular in an online world thirsting for authenticity, no bullshit, empathetic journalism. Popular Front will soon be huge, and the world will be better off for it.

Check out their Belarus Video below and make sure to check out their channel, podcast and consider supporting them on Patreon. Links are provided below.

P.S. – they also have awesome merch in their online store





Popular Front Podcast

Popular Front on Insta

Popular Front on Patreon

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