Searching for Soviet oddities in Kharkiv’s market (bazaar)

On Saturday we visited Kharkiv’s outdoor marketplace (flea market) that happens every weekend at Rohatyns’kyi Ln, 19, Kharkiv . People from across the region come to sell everything from old household ware (plates, kitchenware, pots and pans) to scrap metal, bicycles, car parts, fishing gear, knives, USSR remnants, antiques and everything in between.

Buying Soviet Antiques and Collectibles in Kharkiv

If you are looking to buy Soviet antiques, collectibles and relics of any sort this place is for you.

Soviet statues in Kharkiv market – March 2021


This is the place for Soviet collectors to come shop for everything from Soviet souvenirs, thousands of soviet pins (znachki), statues, busts, ols soviet issued magazines and every day items from a bygone era. Some of the more interesting shops have small memorabilia from the Soviet Space programmes which was greatly celebrated in the USSR during the 60s.

These are some photos of the things we found (interesting & mundane)


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