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We have created the ultimate Whatsapp expanding photo prank Database – rejoice!

So you’ve been a recipient of one of the classic Whatsapp expanding image prank and you’re wondering where you can find more quality pranks to send your friends. We’ve got you covered. We’ve assembled an online database on Google Drive with some of our favourite expanding images pranks for Whatsapp (Link at the bottom of the article). If you’ve never heard of the expanding image prank on Whatsapp (it may mean that you hang out with normal people, lol) read below.

What are expanding photo/ image pranks on Whatsapp?

When sending a photo on Whatsapp the app compresses the preview visible on the chat screen to a preset size for purposes of graphic optimisation. Pranksters take advantage of this preset size to add a hidden image which is only viewable when a user clicks on the preview to see the full image.

These pranks usually entail some black guy with a massive hog attached to a generally bland image which arouses a user’s curiosity.

As this article is written while in quarantine due to the cunt of a virus (Covid 19) we have also added our favourite selection of the “Black Guy with a massive dick Corona Virus memes”. These memes offer a moment of sillyness in an otherwise dark, scary and serious reality and they have seemed to have spread globally faster than the virus itself. You can find a huge selection of the big black dick guy memes in the folder CovidMemes in the Google Drive below. Don’t forget to check us out on instagram @savageriedotcom.




Click here to access the Ulimate Folder of Downloadable Whatsapp Expanding Image Pranks

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  1. there’s no such directory in the link, just 2 memes with big cock black guy and photoshop templates

    1. Some of the original posts were removed from the folder. It’ll be compiled again by the end of the week. I’ll message you when they’re back up. Cheers!

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