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The MTA has just released the numbers of trains vandalised every week


In apparent bid to make customers more aware of the costs the MTA faces due to vandalism, they have released some interesting data highlighting weekly summaries of various kinds of vandalism reported across the network.


In case  you were wondering “how often does the MTA get hit with graffiti every week?” this list will give you the exact figures of incidences reported across the network over the last 60+ weeks.

The data released starts in August 2020 and is updated every week since (at the time of publication of this article).  The list also includes a few instances of graffiti on buses (highlighted in yellow)

In general between August 2020 and December 2021 there were between 3-33 instances of graffiti on trains recorded by the MTA every week, averaging 16 instances of graffiti on New York Trains per week. MTA buses were only hit 6 times total in the same period.


You can find the live list on the official MTA website here.

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