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Videos from the Riots in Paris 28/11/2020

Riots have broken out in Paris over a controversial new Law that would restrict the filming of Police Officers and Germanderie in France.

What is the new controversial Police filming law in France?

The new bill would make “filming the police with manevolent intent” a criminal offence. The government claims that the law is designed to protect police officers from targeted online abuse.  People against this new bill claim it will undermine freedom of the press in reporting police abuses. The new law seems to be open to interpretation and could set an extremely negative precedent to slowly eroding journalistic and individual freedoms in regards to filming and reporting police abuse.

The fact the bill hit the headlines, in the wake of a shocking video of 3 police officers beating up French musician Michel Zecler in his studio has flared up existing tensions between people and the police.

The videos below show some of the madness from the streets of Paris tonight with police having to retreat as rioters attacked them in the streets.

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