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CBD Buds are everywhere but what is it like to smoke them?

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CBD vs THC Dominant Buds

In recent years, legal reforms across Europe have legalised hemp for agricultural purposes across the Union. As hemp is categorised as cannabis with a THC content of under 0.2% it was only a matter of time before growers started focusing their efforts on developing amazing smokeable, fragrant buds that look, smell and taste just like the high-end cannabis you would find in Holland’s top coffeeshops. With the only difference being their extremely low THC content (under 0.2%).


What are CBD Buds?

CBD dominant buds are cannabis buds which have been specifically cultivated for their high levels of CBD and below legal levels of THC (under 0.5% in the US/ 0.3% in parts of Europe/ 0.2% in the rest of Europe).

Quality grown CBD Buds smell and taste as amazing as their “illegal” counterparts. Top growers such as CBWeed, an Italian company working with Greenhouse seeds to develop high quality CBD strains, produce great smelling and tasting buds that wouldn’t be out of place at top quality dispensaries.

They produce seedless, solid cannabis buds with a wide selection of genetics and a variance in smells and tastes similar to THC dominant strains. They have developed CBD dominant strains originating from classic strains such as Super Lemon Haze, Blue Cheese, Super Silver Haze, Bubblegum and even old school classic White Widow.


CBD Vs THC Dominant Buds Effects:

We tried out some of CBWeed’s CBD dominant buds in order to make a calculated report on the differences of THC and CBD dominant strains in terms of physical and mental effects.

In order to test them out we rolled them pure (no tobacco) in order to isolate the effects of the CBD buds from any impact added by tobacco and nicotine. TBH we only roll pure eitherway but its important to mention how we conducted our test.

We tested out the new CBWeed Strain Critical Mass. It is a mostly Indica strain developed by the grower’s department. The THC level comes in at just under the legal 0.2% and CBD levels come in at just under 10%.

Cbweed’s Critical Mass CBD Buds

The flavour was citrusy with orange undertones and notes of sage. It smelled like some of the best buds available in fully legalised markets like Holland*. After about 5 minutes we were feeling much calmer and definitely relaxed. After about 15 minutes it was obvious there was a body effect as we melted comfortably into the couch. Unlike some heavy THC strains we had no feelings of stress and anxiety often associated with strong cerebral highs.

So what does the CBD “high” feel like?

You know when you smoke a joint and after the “high” passes you’re left with a feeling of calm and serenity? This is the best way I can describe the CBD “high”. There is no cerebral effect that takes you on a rollercoaster (even if that is fun) but instead skips the “high” part and goes straight to the feeling of intense relaxation and calm. Similar to what you would feel about an hour after smoking a THC dominant strain/ joint when the high wears off.

CBD Buds and Grinder


*we realise it’s not technically legalised but for the sake of the article it’s easier to refer to it like this. The point being cannabis is sold openly through dispensaries.

The Future of CBD Buds:

I predict that CBD buds will slowly make their presence in cannabis dispensaries as many people will find their effects a pleasant change from the cerebral experience of thc dominant buds.

CBD Buds close up

They’re also great for mixing with THC dominant buds as a way of softening or balancing out the effects and create a much smoother and enjoyable high. They’re currently gaining popularity in European countries where there is no access to legalised cannabis as they are technically categorised as a by product of hemp by the wording of the legislations (which defines industrial cannabis as cannabis with a THC content of under 0.2%). CBD dominant varieties have been growing in popularity in general, however we have yet to see them as a permanent feature in dispensaries. This is likely to change soon as more and more people are discovering the benefits and versatility of these CBD dominant strains.


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