Graffiti hit on the space shuttle at the infamous urbex site of Baikonur Cosmodrome

Russian graffiti artists have set the urbex community on fire by spraying graffiti on one of the abandoned spaceships at the infamous, abandoned Baikonur Cosmodrome in Khazakstan.

Reaching the abandoned Cosmodrome is infamously hard with long treks through the rough terrain of the steppe necessary to access the facility as well as having to evade frequent security patrols. Arguably after this action accessing the site will become even more difficult as Russian officials have already stated their intentions to better protect the site or even moving the spaceships into a museum which would essentially lead to the demise of the location as a Holy Grail of Urban Exploration.

It is however obvious why for many graffiti writers this could be an infamous first hit as the media attention the action attracted testifies.

Cosmodrome graffiti

The quote says something along the lines of “Yuri we were also the first” a referrence to the famous Russian Cosmonaut who was the first person in space. The spaceship that took him into space was launched nearby from a pad within the Baikonur region.

We won’t be dry-snitching and naming the crews and artists involved as there’s no need to fuel the controvercy further.


What do you think of this action?

Dope first hit or uneccesary Action which jeopordises the future of this Holy Grail location?

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